my mission

At Embody Health I support women on their journey towards wholeness and wellness through the mediums of shiatsu, massage & movement, so that they can experience more joy and vitality in their life.

my approach

I view your health & your sense of wellbeing holistically. For me this means being available to assist you physically & emotionally as well as energetically & spiritually. I see the body as a resource of intelligence & wisdom. I aim to listen deeply to it and i encourage you to do the same.


My focus lies with the strength & health already present in you & I encourage & support you to build internal & external resources, so that you can realize your potential. 

I encourage self care and taking responsibility for your own health  & depending on your needs & your presenting symptoms a combination of energy techniques, movement, breathing exercises or physical exercises may be given. I support a wide range of health conditions & stages of life.


I welcome you non-judgementally and my service is completely confidential.


shiatsu & massage body therapy

- relaxes & balances


- increases vitality & flow


- improves mobility & functioning


- increases body awareness


- supports our emotions


- improves quality of sleep


- reduces pain


- brings relief from many symptoms