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my mission

At Embody Health I support women in all stages of life through the mediums of shiatsu, massage & movement.

my approach

At Embody Health I view your health & your sense of wellbeing holistically. For me this means assisting you physically, emotionally, energetically & spiritually through an offering of Shiatsu & Massage. 

I support a wide range of health conditions & stages of life, from birth to pregnancy, perimenopause to chronic illness & end of life & my work is trauma informed.

Treatments take the form of one to one sessions that help maintain good health & or support recovery from acute or chronic conditions, or

Specialized Pregnancy & Post Partum Shiatsu and Massage.

I also offer Labour Support workshops to help mothers & their birthing partners feel more empowered &  Baby Massage & Development classes to help mothers & fathers support themselves & their baby in the early months of development.


I encourage self care & depending on your needs & your presenting symptoms a combination of energy techniques, movement, breathing exercises or physical exercises may be given for you to bring into the rest of your life.

I welcome you non-judgementally & my service is completely confidential.


085 270 1697​

North County Dublin

woman giving shiatsu pregnancy massage

shiatsu & massage body therapy can

relax & balance


increase vitality & flow


improve mobility & functioning


increase body awareness


support your mental health


improve quality of sleep


reduce pain & discomfort

relieve anxiety & depression




Shoulder massage
Chinese cupping technique on the back
Moxibustion during massage
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