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At your first appointment a comprehensive health history will be taken & an initial approach to treatment will be agreed. At Embody Health we take a detailed health history because Shiatsu & the use of shiatsu points can treat a wide range of conditions & is not limited to musculoskeletal issues. It is also important to have a full health history so that any conditions or symptoms can be taken into account & the treatment can be adjusted and carried out safely.


If you are attending our clinic for a specific condition, the treatment may include Shiatsu, Massage, Acupressure or Cupping depending on your needs & a programme of self care may be offered. If you are feeling well & would like to use Shiatsu or Massage as a part of your self care package or for support with emotional needs or to deepen your journey of self-awareness, the treatments may tend to be less focused & more experiential.


If you are coming with a particular health concern, we normally advise at least 3 sessions to allow enough time for you to feel comfortable with the therapist & to settle into the treatment and this also allows enough time to measure improvements.


You are more than welcome to come for the odd treatment as you feel like it, however regular Shiatsu & Massage helps keep your energy flowing optimally and helps you to become more aware of your body, your feelings and your emotions. It helps you to be "more in your body" and to feel more vital. 


Shiatsu therapy is carried out with the client fully clothed. Please wear soft, comfortable & loose clothing, without belts or buckles.

my fee

shiatsu  & massage:  €75.00 for 1hour 15 mins/€90.00 for 1 hour 30 mins

early postnatal home visit; Shiatsu massage for mam and baby massage class for new born with handouts: €100.00


baby shiatsu massage: €100.00 (5 week course)

baby shiatsu massage: €15.00 (drop-in)

labour in motion (2hour workshop, including handouts): €170.00 per couple small group €185 one-to-one

If you have Irish Life Health Insurance you are eligible to claim back expenses dependent on your policy.




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