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shiatsu in labour


The easiest time to give shiatsu is during labour because the mother’s energy is strong and she is very sensitive to the kind of touch she needs and where.

Because Shiatsu helps support the energy of the mother through Channel and Shiatsu-point work , as well as through the use of massage to relax and comfort the body, it is perfectly suited to supporting the energy and motion of labour as well as helping the mother to stay relaxed, calm and ‘’in the zone”.


The depth, strength and speed of the massage techniques help support the mother’s emotions and energies and can be used to slow down and deepen the breath which is so important in labour.


During labour Shiatsu really helps the mother to work with her body and to work with the sensations of birth and it gives the birthing partner a sense of purpose and inclusion in the process. This is one of the reasons why attending a Shiatsu workshop prior to labour can be so helpful for mothers and birthing partners. Couples find they feel more positive about the labour and birth and partners really feel more empowered in supporting the mother. Receiving Shiatsu from a professional Shiatsu therapist can also be very rewarding during pregnancy as it helps you to bond with your baby, balance your energy and relieve many symptoms of labour as well as helping you find centre and to build trust in the power and intelligence of your body.


Using the shiatsu labour points during labour has been shown to reduce perceptions of pain and support spontaneous onset of labour, cervical ripening and dilation, nausea and exhaustion as well as achieving a natural 3rd stage and let down of milk.


When you attend my “labour in motion” workshop you can expect to learn about:

  • The importance of connection in labour

  • How to support Optimal fetal positioning

  • Breathing and visualization techniques for labour

  • How to read the energy of the body

  • Shiatsu-points for labour, birth and the post-partum period

  • Massage techniques for labour, including sacral release, sacral groove work

  • Postures for labour, including use of the birthing ball, cushions and  other support measures

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