about Gillian


My name is Gillian Farrell & I am a fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner & Massage Therapist and I am the founder of Embody Health. I am a member of the Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland. 

At Embody Health my aim is to inspire & support women with an experience of how working with their body & the energy within it can support them psychologically, emotionally, physically & spiritually.


I received an Honours diploma in body massage from Senior's College Dún Loaghaire and later completed a three year practitionership in Shiatsu body therapy with Shiatsu College Dublin. I have a special interest in women's health & successfully completed a post-graduate Diploma in Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Labour and the Post-Partum Period with Suzanne Yates of Wellmother in the U.K.

For over a decade I have looked deeply at myself through the mirror of psychotherapy & the practice of energy medicine & embodied dance & I have found this a rich & rewarding experience which has helped me enormously in my work as a body therapist, especially in how I relate & offer support to my clients.


My opening & awareness to the body and it's energy as healer emerged from the death of my sister. I began to take a closer look at my own body and the energy system that drives it. I had been receiving regular energy therapy during her illness & was amazed by its effects & the support it gave me.  Later, when my father passed I found I had gained many resources and tools which helped me to support both my father and myself through his illness.


I have worked as a massage therapist with Open Heart House, a supportive community set up for people living with HIV and AIDS in Dublin city, where I used therapeutic touch to help heal and support the members, especially around the physical & emotional effects and challenges of the disease. During my time there I helped the community to develop and improve their massage and body therapy consultation process and finely tune how to best care for the members, many of which had complicated and chronic conditions.


My style and quality of treatment is informed & shaped by my experience of Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy, Hakomi Mindfulness Based Assisted Self-Study, Jin Shin Tara & Embodied Dance. I have also been inspired by the works of Paul Rebillot, Peter Levine, Barbara Rothschild, Valerie E Hunt & Jon Kabatt Zinn to name a few.


My service is completley confidential.