shiatsu for treating cancer and chronic conditions


Our approach to treating cancer and chronic disease lies with supporting the primary energies of the body. We do this by working with what is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the eight Extra-Ordinary Vessels which are the first energetic pathways to develop at conception.


During each treatment particular attention is given to the Extra-Ordinary Vessels because they are the overall regulators of energy in the body, regulating our ancestral energy, energetic DNA, basic cellular energy, as well as the Blood and energy of the Heart.


Shiatsu can also help relieve symptoms associated with cancer and chronic disease such as nausea, vomiting and insomnia, muscular pain, fatigue, anxiety and low mood.

Regular treatments can help you to strengthen a positive relationship with your body and bring about feelings of wellness and relaxation and each treatment offers a place of support, comfort and safety.


As always our Shiatsu treatments can incorporate oil massage to soothe the tissues and muscles and bring about a sense of relief.


For people with Cancer, Shiatsu can offer valuable support from the point of diagnosis, immediately after surgery and throughout radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Once treatment is finished, shiatsu sessions can aid recovery, help to renew energy and motivate people to take responsibility for their wellbeing.