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the benefits


Shiatsu works with the energy that is present in your body. During a treatment I look to fill or tonify areas that are depleted & to sedate or disperse areas which are full or stagnant.


Changing your energy like this has an effect on the more physical or dense aspects of your self, bringing about balance & restoration to all of the ‘systems’ of your body; your skeletal & muscular system, your endocrine system & your nervous system for example. By working with the energetic body through the meridians & shiatsu points, many diseases & conditions can be treated. Massage, through its physical application can also have an effect on all of these systems but does not normally take into account your energetic state. However since I am trained in shiatsu and to listening energetically to the body I also respond to your energy while giving massage & will incorporate shiatsu-points tocounteract any conditions present.  


Movement of energy also has an effect on the your emotions. Emotions are really energy-in-motion, & so Shiatsu (and really all types of bodywork) will effect your emotions. With the right awareness & intention Shiatsu & other forms of body therapy such as Massage can be a great support in times of need, change or crisis & can alleviate the symptoms of depression or anxiety & help to move energy along in the form of emotion. It is not uncommon to feel more intense emotions during a treatment or in the days following a treatment or even before a treatment! This is natural & the release of these emotions is encouraged. During a regular massage treatment the quality of the therapist's touch as well as the depth of pressure, will effect the emotions of the receiver & that is why it is so important to work with a therapist that you feel comfortable with & that you feel you can trust.


Because Shiatsu & Massage works on tissues and joints, treatments also reduce pain & increase mobility and bring relief from many structural issues, as well as helping the receiver to become more aware of patterns of tension & posture.


Common conditions that we help treat:


  • Long Covid

  • Fertility, pregnancy & the postpartum period

  • Back pain & stiffness

  • Head & neck pain

  • Muscle & joint pain

  • Arthritis

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Digestive issues

  • Shock & trauma

  • Chronic conditions such as M.S, M.E., cancer & fibromyalgia


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