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shiatsu and massage for pregnancy and the post-partum period


How can shiatsu and massage help me?






woman giving shiatsu pregnancy massage to pregnant woman

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life. At Embody Health we want you to be able to really make the most of it. We offer Shiatsu or Massage or a combination of the two. Treatments take place on a futon or a massage table, whichever you prefer.


First Trimester

We encourage you to have shiatsu or massage right through your pregnancy. With our specialised training you can be assured that it is safe for you to receive , even in the 1st trimester! In fact, the first trimester is considered to be one of the most important times for a mother to be supported.  This is because many changes occur in your body at this time which can make you feel tired and fatigued. At the same time your baby is growing most rapidly, forming all of his major systems by the first 12 weeks. This can put a strain on your energy and resources. Having shiatsu during this time can help you to relax and boost your energy, as well as encouraging optimal flow and connection to your uterus, where your baby is forming. In coming to a shiatsu session you will also receive support with any symtoms you might be having such as nausea or tiredness and you will be shown shiatsu points and exercises that you can use at home. 

The early stages of pregnancy can sometimes be a lonely time or a time of worry. You may be worried about the health of your baby. You may not yet have told your friends and family that you are pregnant, so you can also find emotional support and a safe, confidential space to talk about your situation and your feelings and find information about services in the community that can support you if that's what you need.




Second and third trimester

The focus of your treatment will change in the 2nd and 3rd trimester to include support and advise around posture and pelvic floor strength as well as adjusting to your changing condition over time. You can expect support with issues like pelvic girdle instability, odema or pain & stiffness for example and support and advise around preparing for labour and birth.You can take part in our birth preparation workshops for mothers and their birth partners, where you can be given even more support and tools specifically for labour & birth.


The postnatal period

Once your baby is born it is so important that you get as much support as you need, especially in the first 6 weeks but really all the way through the first year post-partum. This time is really about bonding with your baby and getting as much rest as possible in between! Shiatsu and massage can help you to recover more easily after the birth by helping you to rest & heal. Reconnect with your body build your energy. It can also help to soothe and relieve any aches or pains you may be experiencing. Exercises to help you get back in shape will also be given. You can also learn how to give shiatsu and massage to your new born and meet other mums at our baby shiatsu massage classes. You are welcome to bring your baby along and we are happy to work around you feeding and comforting your baby.


Most importantly our aim is to help you find a new and deeper relationship with your self, your body and your baby right from the start to help you feel more confident and satisfied during your pregnancy & labour & to give you skills & learning that you can take with you into the rest of your life.



A client's reflection on her experience of shiatsu during pregnancy...


"Having previously known nothing about Shiatsu Massage I was very pleasantly surprised with both the treatments and the results.                          I I felt that it was ideal for pregnancy on many levels, firstly one very simple thing-there was no getting up and down of tables, the futon on which the treatments take place are so roomy and comfortable.


The holistic approach to pregnancy taken by this therapy is very effective, having had regular treatments with thorough consultations before and after meant that I could keep on top of the symptoms that arose during my pregnancy (carpel tunnel syndrome, sciatic pain, sleeping problems) and deal with them before they became an issue. Gillian did this by massaging and stretching my body and by working on the specific pressure points and flows of energy. She really tailored my treatments to my requirements and I received a very personalized treatment.


One of the most fulfilling and worthwhile aspects that I found about having shiatsu during pregnancy, was that it gave me an opportunity to connect with my baby, to relax with my baby and become conscious that we share our energies. I learned that I could channel that energy and use it to tune into my baby during treatments and I really felt my baby react to the movement of energy in my body.


After a session I always had a feeling of deep relaxation like I had a really good nights sleep and was feeling uplifted and positive about my pregnancy. Any ailment I had during my pregnancy was relieved by Gillian using shiatsu.


 I would recommend shiatsu for any one during pregnancy whether to target a specific problem or as a treat to relax and re energize.

Gillian is an expert in this area and a fantastic practitioner, she is very skilled in working with energy and pressure points and tunes into the areas which need attention and I always felt a positive effect in my mind and body".


Julie, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

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