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couples workshop: "Labour in Motion"
massage and bodywork for pregnancy and labour


This is a workshop for expectants mums and their birthing partners. Each couple will spend time connecting to each other and baby with the help of simple breathing and relaxation techniques.


You will also have time to explore a range of physical comfort measures for each stage of labour as well as simple and effective massage techniques for back pain, stress relief and relaxation.


A range of acupressure points to support labour and birth will be covered as well as points to support breastfeeding and recovery.


Couples who attend the workshop find that they feel more positive, empowered and relaxed about labour and birth and partners especially feel more confident in their ability to support mum during this very special time.

Do wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water for refreshment on the day.
A gym ball, towel and blanket for comfort are also required.


Each workshop runs for approx. 2.5 hours
Course notes will be provided

Cost €100 per couple small group size or €180 one-to-one

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